From small to mid-size business

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From small to mid-size business

Operant Leadership Applies Science

Science Based Approach to Solving Your Business Needs

The 21st century is filled with all sorts of support for business professionals. From starting up your company, to accelerating performance, you have an array of options at your fingertips. But, how do you sort out fad or flavor of the month approaches from those that really work? The answer is looking to science.

Would you trust a doctor to do surgery without science behind her techniques? Or an engineer to design a sky scraper without proven models based in physics? When it comes to developing human performance, and improving, growing, or sustaining organizational results, clients come to us because of our expertise in behavioral science.

From Concept to Execution

Start ups

Entrepreneurs have goals and ambitious dreams. They excel in creative thinking and acting to build their vision into reality. From tech startups, food and retail, and human service organizations, Operant Leadership supports entrepreneurs in creating businesses that thrive.

You can use us as a trusted consultant on performance improvement issues, or an extra set of hands in building and developing your employee performance systems. We help develop both short and long term goals, define how you will achieve those goals, and determine the best path forward.

Our use of Behavioral Systems Analysis gives you a deep view of the organization from top – down, and across. This will help you design a system and infrastructure that supports performance and rapid growth, and build an organization you would want to work at.

Solidifying your foundation

Small Businesses

If you run a small business, then you know just how many hats you must wear, and roles you play. When your daily focus is on running and growing your small business, and fighting the occasional fire, it is invaluable to have a partner that can support you in growing your business and supporting your employees in a way you don’t have the time, bandwidth, expertise, or desire to do.

We help small businesses to develop training and onboarding programs, and coach new leaders to support the growth of the business. We help develop new process, and standardize existing processes, create effective performance management systems, and troubleshoot barriers to performance and growth.

Let us be your partner in your growth, and bring to your small business the tools and techniques, to bring you to the next level.

Efficiency and Growth

Mid-Sized companies

Mid-sized companies have different needs than small or large companies. You have a well-established culture, and way of doing things, but may still be in a growth phase, or looking to make strategic change to step up to the next level. Processes and systems impact more people, and the level of complexity is higher, and room for error smaller.

While our team members have supported some of largest Fortune 500 companies, we prefer working with mid-sized companies, less than $1B, because of the opportunities for growth and improvement.

We help companies like yours to streamline processes to make your human capital more effective, develop company-wide training and development to cement the company culture, and double down on your investment in people. You can count on us to solve pressing challenges like retaining talent, dealing with mergers and acquisitions, upgrading to new technology, or restructuring divisions of the organization.

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How We Help Your Business

  • Instructional Design
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching
  • Hands-On Workshops

  • Process Improvement
  • Beyond Performance Management
  • Behavioral Systems Analysis

  • Leadership Skills
  • Process Improvements
  • Safety
  • Training and Development

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • New Leader Transitions
  • Strategy Execution
  • New Technologies

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