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Health and Human Services

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Transforming the Human Services System

21st century politics and legislation has focused much on the world of health and human services. The rise and prevalence of developmental disabilities such as autism, to federal mandates and law to further advance the industry for all consumers, one thing is clear – Health and Human Services is transforming.

Operant Leadership has worked with hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, death care, and the specialized field of Applied Behavior Analysis therapy agencies. We understand the dynamics of maintaining top service quality and integrity, training, developing, and retaining employees, all while making a profit. In every case, the organizations held a mission to make a positive difference in their consumers lives. Operant Leadership supports these organizations to achieve that mission.

OBM for more effective services

Clinical ABA Services Providers

With the expansion of the autism insurance mandate has come tremendous growth, as well as a new set of challenges to serving your consumers. Employee turnover and meeting contracted insurance hours, providing RBT and BCBA supervision, and developing the leadership skills of your employees – these present both challenges and opportunities.

Operant Leadership has had the pleasure of working with dozens of ABA service companies, providing OBM consulting to address these issues using behavior analysis.

We are a team of behavior analysts, specializing in OBM, and with deep experience and expertise in the world of applied behavior analysis. All our consultants hold advanced degrees in behavior analysis, and have personal experience working in ABA service delivery. This means you can rely on us to speak your language, and bring behavior analytic insight to improving your organization.

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New Directions

From Partnerships to Predictive Analytics

Health and Human Service organizations are venturing into new territory as businesses. Recognizing the need to maximize resources, these organizations are evolving to meet the growing needs of the world. Many organizations are working on forging mutually beneficial relationships with other organizations. Others are looking to create financing models to invest in social outcomes. Finally, a major movement in the industry is using predictive analytics, unlocking the data that matters.

Operant Leadership is positioned to help your Health and Human Service organizations capitalize on these growing trends, using behavioral science to ensure positive outcomes.

Training and Development

Developing Human Capital

Developing internal capabilities is essential to your human service organization delivering on its mission, especially in the face of continual change and staff turnover. The intricacies of the work executed day-to-day in these settings is vast. That’s why we work with you to leverage the knowledge and skills of your people, and provide a unique learning experience to further advance their skills.

Operant Leadership offers a variety of training and development workshops and seminars for HHS staff, from the front line to the executive level, we educate and develop skills that make a difference. In addition, we can work with you to develop custom solutions, unique to your organization.

Optimizing human capital across industries

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