Performance Improvement

Accelerating Business Processes and Human Performance

Performance Improvement

Improving and optimizing business performance

Where science and performance meet

When you need to improve, sustain, or grow some critical element of your business, or better engage your staff, we will work with you to pinpoint the opportunity, define the measurable results and critical behaviors, and implement science-based solutions to achieve success.

From business process optimization to human performance improvement, we custom tailor our approach to get you results. We spend time learning your culture, your processes, and your people, to deliver you the greatest value.

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Improving performance through process effectiveness

Process Improvement

When your business has a process that is inefficient or ineffective, you can feel its impacts. From bottlenecks you’re constantly troubleshooting, reworks that leave you and your customers frustrated, or bloated administrative steps that bring things to a crawl – inefficient processes affect more than just the bottom line.

Our consultants bring clarity and solutions that work to mess situations. We use process improvement methodology based in behavioral systems analysis, a proven method for delivering results.

By the end of our work together, you will have business processes that operate faster, cost less, run more efficiently, and produce less friction and stress.

Behavior Change for Performance Improvement

Beyond Traditional Performance Management

Performance management is critical to a successful organization, but only when it is used as a tool for human performance improvement, rather than an administrative checkbox.

To build successful teams, and measurably improve human performance, modern leaders look beyond traditional performance management, such as annual performance reviews and write ups.

Leaders who get results manage performance by engaging employees, providing effective feedback, and positive reinforcement. Our solutions give organizations performance management methods that get results.

Read a white paper on how Behavioral Science helped a telecom company recoup more than $75 Million.

Evidence-based approach to performance improvement

Behavioral Systems Analysis and Assessment

Your organization is complex and unique. That’s why we get to know your people, your culture, and the specific challenges you are facing with an involved assessment process. We use Behavioral Systems Analysis methodologies to find the simplest path to better results.

We gain insights from your data, sit down face to face with your employees, and spend time on the ground watching work get done. We help you to define the future you want to see, and an actionable roadmap for getting there.

That is how you can be guaranteed to receive solutions that will address your specific performance improvement needs.

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