Leadership Development

Training and Development that Gets Results

Leadership Development

Beyond traditional training and development

Developing Leaders Who Get Things Done

Organizations across the globe are focusing more on leadership development. We believe these leadership development should produce measurable business results and use a science-based approach to create leaders who get things done.

Leadership development gives leaders the tools they need to improve morale, improve employee engagement, and improve critical business results. We work alongside your training and talent development department, to enhance existing training, or we can bring our unique set of leadership development tools to enhance your leadership team.

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Efficient learning for maximum transfer of training

Instructional Design Consulting

Your organization’s learning programs are the starting point for developing skills, and competencies. It is the introduction to your culture. It is a path to continuous improvement and job expansion. Yet, only about 20% of the skills learned in most training programs, transfer back to the workplace.

Average annual spend on training /employee: $1,200+ Average transfer of training skills to job: 20%

Instruction and training designed by Operant Leadership maximizes transfer of training to day-to-day work, by focusing on research-backed practices in instructional design and delivery.

Whether you need a revamp of existing training, or a complete build from the ground up, our team can design the instruction you need to produce skilled employees.  From small businesses to enterprise-level Fortune 500 training programs, we work with you to create instruction that works.

Customized individual coaching for high performance

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Every great athlete has behind him or her a great coach. A coach can serve as a sounding board, a touchstone, and a way to build leadership skills. A coach can help foster individual personal and professional development and skill building. Whether you need an executive coach to help you enable strategic behavior change or you want to make your leaders even more effective, a coach can be a valuable tool.

Coaching from Operant Leadership supports performance improvement and culture change initiatives, to enable maximum behavior change throughout your organization. Leaders who receive our coaching learn how to influence change and impact real results.

Learning events for fast and efficient skill building

Hands-on Workshops

How many workshops have you sat through wondering “when will the next break be?” or “how is this going to apply to my job?”. We’ve all been there, which is why at Operant Leadership our workshops focus on hands-on practice, and train real skills that transfer to the job.

In our workshops, your people will learn to drive measurable business results by sharpening skills like communication, feedback, coaching, data-based decision making, and the use of positive reinforcement.

Workshops can also be custom tailored to meet a specific business need, and are often hosted non-sequentially, so your participants can have weeks to practice their skills, before coming back in to learn the next most relevant information.

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