Culture Change

Creating a Culture that Lives High Performance.

Culture Change

How Culture Drives Performance

Is your Culture a Business Asset?

The culture of your organization is the backbone of high performance. An effective culture is the difference between employees who work to get the job done, and those that hit the road at 4:59.

Culture can be thought of as “the way we do things around here”. It is your standard operating procedure, the DNA of your organization. It exists beyond just a single work process, and is tremendous asset when it supports high performance and ethical behavior.

An effective culture means employees are enabled to solve their own problems and become their own firefighters. An effective culture means the competition can’t lure your people by offering them a few extra dollars.

looking at the Big Picture

Why focus on culture?

The need for culture change can come in many forms. Mergers and acquisitions require the fusion of two distinct cultures. New technology implementation requires a vastly new set of behavior and work for people. A leadership transition necessitates a shift in “how we do things around here. Regulations may shift and require a fundamental shift in how your business operates.

Regardless of the source, big-picture change requires big-picture focus on culture. Our culture change solutions aim at the big picture, and deploy focused, strategic projects to make “the way we do things around here” a way that supports high performance.

The look of culture change

Reprogramming cultural DNA

Culture change means behavior change. It means defining a new way of doing things, of recoding the organization’s DNA, to make change effort sustainable.

Operant Innovations’ approach to culture change blends leadership development, performance improvement, and applied research.

This process starts with defining your new ideal culture, and the key business processes and issues associated with it. Then critical results and new key behaviors are defined and measured. Finally, leadership at all levels is engaged to support and drive new behaviors and results that define the new culture.

At its core, our culture change offering is driven by behavior science and measurable business results.

Culture and the bottom line

The impacts of Culture Change

This focus on culture change has helped us drive large-scale business initiatives.

One company improved employee retention by deploying new employee engagement strategies. Another company accelerated sales by developing new leaders in transition.

Two former competitive companies were effectively integrated during a merger. Others have saved lives by creating a culture focused on behavior-based safety.

During these culture change endeavors, all stakeholders are informed, engaged, and focused on the results to be achieved. This allows leaders to intentionally create a culture that engages their employees and allows them to strive for higher performance.

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