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Leadership Skills

Your organization has its own culture and practices that make it unique, and the leadership skills that matter most for your organization, are unique as well. Operant Leadership provides research expertise to help you precisely target the skills your leaders need most in their development. Communication, coaching, feedback, decision making, and team management are just a few skills Operant Leadership has delved deep with an organization to study, and improve upon those skills for positive business results.

Whether you have a need to enhance new leader development, the on-boarding process, executive leadership, team dynamics, or poor performing leaders, you can use a research process to target the skills that will make a difference.

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Closing the gaps to maximize work processes

Process Improvements

With the fast pace reality that is work, organizations strive to maintain quality products and services through efficient work processes. For many, processes are bogged down by too many steps, unclear expectations, or multiple streams of work colliding with each other. Without solid work processes, organizations can become stagnant in their growth efforts.

Operant Leadership provides applied research studies to examine work processes, identify gaps and evaluate science based practices for closing those gaps to achieve the end goal. By taking a research approach to process improvement, your organization can scientifically evaluate process changes, before taking the plunge to implement across the company.

Keeping every employee safe, every day


Many industries such as Health and Human Services, Manufacturing, and law enforcement focus on day-to-day safety of employees. Each injury to an employee can cost organizations tens of thousands of dollars on medical needs and insurance. Moreover, human cost of the injury can be even greater. Injuries hurt in more ways than one, which is why applied research in workplace safety has been a focus of behavioral science for decades.

Operant Leadership provides expertise and conducts applied research to evaluate safety efforts to achieve the most important goal for any company – every employee safe, every day. We help you identify critical areas to improve work place safety, by directly observing behavior in real time to understand what is driving safe versus unsafe behavior, and test solutions so you can do what works. And, your solutions will have employees wanting to engage in the process.

Accelerating Learning, Achieving Long Lasting Knowledge Retention

Training and Development

Talent development is a key priority for organizations to foster growth and prosperity. Achieving quality products and services, excellent customer service, positive safe performance, reliable operations, and positive profit all come when you invest in the training and development of your people. But often when leaders send their people to training, they are left wondering whether it made a difference at all.

Operant Leadership can help you to apply a science-based approach to evaluating the effects of your strategic training and development efforts. And, paired with our scientific approach to training design and development, we can guarantee you training and development that delivers results.

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