Treatment Fidelity

Behavior Science for Quality Treatment

Treatment Fidelity

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Ensuring treatment fidelity

Your clinical supervisors are skilled at assessing client needs and developing effective treatment plans to improve client behavior. However, the best treatment plan means little if the direct care staff who implement it don’t follow it. We work with clinical service providers to improve the integrity of treatment programs through our Organizational Behavior Management processes.

We conduct detailed assessments of performance deficits to precisely identify what the most important levers will be in improving treatment fidelity.

Assessing and measuring

Taking the pulse on treatment fidelity

One of the first and most important steps in improving treatment fidelity it to assess and understand the current state of treatment. We help clients to do direct observations, measurement checks, data analysis, and pinpointing of critical behaviors. All these processes are aimed at creating accurate measures on the quality of treatment programs.

You may find solutions are abundant, simply by going through the process of assessing performance.

Facilitated learning and discussion

Cutting edge treatment research

If you are looking to stay on the front edge of the newest research to ensure the treatment you are delivering is of the highest quality, Operant Leadership can be your partner. We have facilitated reading and discussion groups with ABA service providers, bringing in experts in behavior analysis to facilitate. We work with our team of clinical ABA experts through ABA Technologies Inc., to help bring to you and your staff new research and new ways of serving your clients.

Skill building for treatment integrity

Training Solutions

When you have employees new to delivering ABA service, or collecting data, you need a comprehensive training program. Operant Leadership can help you to develop a training and on-boarding program to develop fluent skill in treatment implementation.

Our training methodologies are based in the science of behavior, and focus on skills training, practice, and rapid feedback. This means that your new staff can get out in to the field faster, and start delivering high quality treatment, in the way your clients needs and deserve.

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How We Help Your Business

  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase average tenure
  • Reinforcement based strategies
  • Organizational analysis

  • Increase service billing
  • Recapture unbilled hours
  • Service quality improvement

  • Improve client experience
  • Customer service behaviors
  • Customer satisfaction assessments

  • Assessing fidelity
  • Facilitated research discussions
  • Training solutions
  • Reinforcement based strategies

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