Reducing Employee Turnover

Creating Fiercely Loyal Employees

Employee Turnover

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What’s the cost of employee turnover?

In human service agencies, employee turnover almost seems to come with the territory. Turnover rates of 40%, 50%, 60% and even higher are the norm, which leads many leaders to conclude it is just part of doing business.

But, it costs as much as $5,000 or more to selection, onboarding, train, and supervise new front-line staff in human service agencies. And for senior level employees, costs skyrockets to the tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Turnover also impacts service quality, and your ability to provide your life-changing services.

We believe this doesn’t have to be just a part of doing business, but instead is an opportunity to build a more effective organization.

and provides the service your clients deserve

Create an Organization Employees Rave About

When you address employee turnover, you are working to create an organization employees rave about. The path forward in keeping employees is by creating an organization that employees choose to show up to day after day.

We help leaders leverage the power of positive reinforcement to create this sort of workplace. Using research and practices from behavioral science and Organizational Behavior Management, you can make a dent in employee turnover.

By improving employeeturnover, you also create an organization that better serves your clients because cases are more consistently served, employees are engaged in their work, and they are putting their whole effort into serving your clients.

The research behind why people leave

What Causes Employee Turnover?

Every day people have a choice of whether to stay at your company or leave. And every day more competitors pop up, ready to offer them that extra dollar that will make them jump. But if you could afford to pay everyone a few dollars more, would that make a difference?

When assessing employee turnover, we look beyond pay to get a comprehensive picture of what drives retention. Career development opportunities, company culture, selection practices, and the nature of the work itself all have a big impact on turnover.

And each of these factors represents an opportunity for you as a business leader to strengthen your position, and make an organization that employees stick to like glue.

The science-based process

Improving Employee Turnover

Our assessment process looks at how your organization stacks up in terms of the major factors that impact retention. We gain understanding of what you are doing now, and what your employees value, then make actionable recommendations.

We review relevant policies and procedures and dig through data to uncover trends and patterns. We spend time in the field with your people, interviewing them for their unique perspective, and observing performance to understand how work gets done in their world.

Some organizations have found modifying their pay and benefits policies effectively reduce turnover. Others have created impact by making a more supportive work environment based in positive reinforcement. Typically,retaining employees involves a mix of these factors, and knowing your mix can help your organization identify the best opportunities, and the most effective steps forward.

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How We Help Your Business

  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase average tenure
  • Reinforcement based strategies
  • Organizational analysis

  • Increase service billing
  • Recapture unbilled hours
  • Service quality improvement

  • Improve client experience
  • Customer service behaviors
  • Customer satisfaction assessments

  • Assessing fidelity
  • Facilitated research discussions
  • Training solutions
  • Reinforcement based strategies

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