Customer Satisfaction

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Customer Satisfaction

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Customer service behavior

Ultimately, any amount of improvement in process, talent development, or company profitability are of little value if the customer is not satisfied. One of the biggest levers in customer satisfaction is improving the customer service your people deliver to your clients.

We work with you to understand how to improve customer service behaviors by pinpointing the critical behaviors and results that your customers view as most important. These behaviors then become the targets for leaders to coach employees on, and the foundation on creating customers who rave about you and your company.

Beyond clinical excellence

Customer service in human services

Who are your customers? In the human service setting, client satisfaction means improving the quality of life of the children and adults for whom you care, but customer satisfaction can very often mean satisfying the family of that consumer.

Understanding how to better satisfy your customers – the families, so they rave about you and your organization takes a scientific approach.
We work with you to determine where your touch-points are with the customer, who are the people who have the biggest impact, and what key behaviors are most critical.

Your staff may see good customer service as creating an effective treatment plan, but your families may want help in dealing with this insurance companies. At Operant Leadership, we help you to pinpoint the customer service behaviors that your families care about, and shaping those behaviors in the people who have the greatest impact.

Working with insurance

Funding source relationships

Increasingly human service providers are finding that customer service is equally important in dealing with funding sources – namely insurance. These entities have the capability to audit and lengthen the time it takes you to get paid, as well as provide you with timely information, and essential feedback to speed cash flow.

The relationship you and your staff have with insurance providers, and individuals within that agency can make it easier for you to do your clinical work. We can help pinpoint the behaviors that make a difference in dealing with insurance companies, and help you create an organization that is consistently in compliance, and can reduce conflict with your funding sources.

Take the pulse of your customers

Customer satisfaction tools

What does it look like to improve customer satisfaction? We apply behavior-based customer satisfaction surveys. We spend time in the field observing your exemplary performers to determine what behaviors they engage in to make a difference. We spend time talking to your clients to gain their perspective on improving customer service.

Then together we apply a leadership driven approach to coach and shape up those customer service behaviors in your people. Through this process we take a scientific approach, by evaluating the impacts of any new customer satisfaction beahviors, so you are assured your efforts will make an impact.

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  • Customer service behaviors
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