Contract Fulfillment

Bill More Insurance Hours and Prevent Revenue Leakage

Contract Fulfillment

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Billing more of your contracted hours

At the end of the day, human service organizations need to bring in revenue to survive. One of your biggest opportunities to generate additional revenue may be to tap into underutilized hours in an insurance contract.

Companies that bill less than the full number of hours approved in their client’s insurance contract have a tremendous opportunity to recoup revenue.

An ABA service provider serving just 100 clients may have as much as $1,000,000 in unbilled revenue each year from low contract fulfillment. Solutions to this issue can have ROI in excess of 10:1, and can take effect in less than a year.

A sustainable organization that better serves its clients

More than just improving your cash flow

Billing more contracted hours is about more than just improving revenue. It is about creating a fundamentally better service organization.

When you increase contract fulfillment, you are delivering the hours your ABA professionals deemed clinically necessary for effective treatment. You are establishing a better relationship with insurance providers, by using more of the hours you recommended. You are creating a more positive workplace for your employees, and recouping dollars that can be reinvested into projects that will help you make even more of a difference.

Improving contract fulfillment can open the doors to growth and development for your company, and it can help you to stay ahead of the curve.

Your challenges

What leads to low contract fulfillment?

Your organization faces unique challenges to providing all the hours in an insurance contract.

You may find excessive family cancellations, or tardiness as contributing factors. Perhaps it is because you cannot fully staff all the cases because of excessive behavior technician turnover or call-outs. Maybe there are issues in the scheduling process.

Any of these factors and more can contribute to low contract fulfillment, which is why we gain deep understanding of your organization, to recommend the strategies that will have the greatest impact for you.

Tailoring solutions to meet your needs

Improving Contract Fulfillment

When you work with us to recapture lost insurance hours, our first step together is to look at the data to see why the hours are being underutilized. This step often uncovers low-hanging fruit that can immediately gain the organization thousands of dollars per month in recouped revenue.

We review relevant policies and procedures and dig through data to uncover trends and patterns. We spend time in the field with your people, interviewing them for their unique perspective, and observing performance to understand how work gets done in their world.

This process results in actionable steps for your organization to begin generating greater contract fulfillment, recouping dollars, and creating a more sustainable and effective organization.

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How We Help Your Business

  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase average tenure
  • Reinforcement based strategies
  • Organizational analysis

  • Increase service billing
  • Recapture unbilled hours
  • Service quality improvement

  • Improve client experience
  • Customer service behaviors
  • Customer satisfaction assessments

  • Assessing fidelity
  • Facilitated research discussions
  • Training solutions
  • Reinforcement based strategies

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