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We, at Operant Innovations, are a team of individuals passionate about people, science, and performance. At its core, Operant Innovations is based on the principle that the success of any company is created by the behavior of the people within it. Without the right behaviors, work doesn’t happen, and business results are not achieved.

We bring that principle to our consulting, and training services. This intense focus on behaviors and results has allowed our team members to create a large impact in areas like human services, insurance, banking, manufacturing, mining, chemical, and more.

To us, success means that your business is enjoying greater profitability, your leaders are more effective at supporting their teams, and your employees enjoy coming in to work.

The science of our approach

What is “Operant Innovations”?

Operant Innovations is more than just a name. It is a description of a scientific discipline of behavior change, and organizational performance. All our approaches are rooted in the field of Organizational Behavior Management – the application of the science of human behavior to the world of work.

At its core this field is about understanding why people behave the way they do, and how leaders can shape the workplace, and their own personal practices to influence behavior.

Decades of applied and experimental research inform all the evidence-based solutions we bring to our clients. This has helped countless organizations drastically improve their performance, by enabling leaders to better support and enable employees to achieve exceptional results.

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